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Getting to know Marsha Shonk: Q & A

For a few months, Marsha Shonk has been working as a Vista from the Turn this Town Around project. She’s had a busy year working to build community, creating sustainable projects, and providing opportunities to Whitesville residents. To read more about Marsha and her experiences, click here.

Whitesville Elementary School's Principal Chris Duncan

Whitesville Elementary School is a historic building with a lot of history. At the head of that school is Principal Chris Duncan. To learn more about Duncan and his huge involvement in the town of Whitesville, click here.

Honoring the Fallen

The Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial was built to honor the lives of the 29 miners who perished in the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion. This memorial is a reminder of the human cost that West Virginians have paid to power this great nation. To see an infographic about this event, click here.

Going back in time

Everyone has heard of the caboose on the end of a train. But what was the real purpose of them? Were they just filled with coal like all the other train cars? And why did we used to see conductors standing at the back of them years ago, but not anymore? To read more, click here.

Sheila Combs - Leading Whitesville to a Brighter Tomorrow

Whitesville, W.Va. is a unique town steeped in coal heritage and history. After the tragic Upper Big Branch UBB mine disaster in 2010, the whole community was affected, but the community stood strong and united. It was an important time for community leaders to step forward to help the community heal. Sheila Combs was one of these leaders who fought for the wellbeing of her community. To read more, click here.

Whitesville Advocate: Meet Adam Pauley

Pauley grew up in Whitesville and has always called it home. He has lived in Whitesville for his whole life, with the exception of the four years he spent at Concord University in Athens, W. Va. During his time at college, he received a scholarship and had the opportunity to study a semester abroad at the University of Salzburg in Austria. To read more, click here.

6 Signs Whitesville is Your Home

Whitesville is a little town with a big history, and an even bigger sense of community pride. To some it looks like just another valley in West Virginia, but to others it feels like home. Here are five signs that Whitesville is your home. To read more, click here.